Cloud computing is computing on the internet.  So what does this mean? In the past users would run software and other programs from their physical computers or servers located in the same building.  Cloud computing on the other hand, allows users to access their software and programs through the internet.

Facebook, for example, is cloud computing.  Checking LinkedIn or your bank account by cell phone?  Cloud computing.  You are using cloud computing to solve the challenges of business, whether you are sending emails while on the go, or using applications to keep you productive.

Why are companies moving to the cloud? Below are 7 of the top benefits that your business can realize when moving to the cloud:

1.    Flexibility

Cloud enables you to easily scale up or down your computing needs based on your fluctuating demands.  Agility is the name of the game and the cloud can give you a real advantage over the competition.

2.    Disaster Recovery

All companies should have a disaster recovery plan, but the reality is that most small businesses don’t have the money or resources available.  Now with cloud computing this is giving small businesses the power to leverage cloud based backups and recovery.  As long as you have an internet connection, you will continue to be able to work despite any disaster.

3.    Goodbye Cap-ex

With cloud computing you are cutting out the cost of high priced hardware.  With the pay as you go approach in a subscription based model, setup and management suddenly become a breeze.  And because there are no unexpected costs due to hardware failure, your organization’s IT budget is easier to project. Getting IT projects off the ground has never been easier.

4.    Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

If you have an internet connection, you have cloud computing capabilities.  You are not limited to just your laptop or desktop anymore; you can now leverage your mobile devices or even kiosks to access your data.  It can give your business a competitive edge by allowing your team to more readily focus on the business and your customers’ needs. Telecommuting and work life balance is on the rise, with cloud computing this can become a reality for your employees.

5.    Security

Data security is a big concern for many businesses. Lost or stolen laptops can add on additional costs to replace them, and even more importantly is the loss of sensitive data inside.  Cloud computing gives you increased security because your data is stored in the cloud. Most businesses can’t match the levels of security provided be the cloud and IT support is only a quick and easy phone call or email away.

6.    Collaboration

Collaboration is the key to any great business.  With the move to cloud computing all files are centrally stored to allow for one version and even better versioning control.  Gone are the days of emailing a document back and forth for revisions.  You can now share your work in real time and eliminate time consuming and repetitive tasks allowing for more productivity.

7.    Increased Competitive Edge

The cloud gives small and mid-size companies access to enterprise technology.  The “pay as you go” model allows small and mid-size businesses to compete with the larger enterprises without the cost, care, and feeding of the hardware burden.  Agility is the name of the game.

These are just a few great reasons that you should consider moving your business to the cloud.  Are you ready to take the leap?  If so, let’s talk.  We can walk you through the finer points to ensure you don’t get caught in some of the pitfalls that other companies have.   We’re with you every step of the way!