Still managing that on premise exchange server?  Well then it may be time for you to look at another option, especially if you are an SMB.  Let’s touch on some pros and cons of why it may be a good time to have a discussion around an email migration.

1. Pay for what you Need

Office 365 allows you to pay for the users that you need.  There is no need to purchase a ton of hardware and storage upfront to scale for the future.  Just add the users that need access at that time. Scalability is the key word here.  Oh wait, there’s more! You can purchase just the exchange plan or a plan that includes the Office suite.  Now that’s a nice deal.

2. Reduce Data Loss

Backups to tape and then to offsite, or maybe even replication of data to a colocation.  That is how you are more than likely doing it today, right?  The nice thing about Microsoft hosting your exchange data is data protection is guaranteed.  Cloud providers ensure they have backups to restore your data whenever that need arises.

3. Updates

No more outages and change control meetings to mitigate risk of exchange updates.  I have talked with many clients who are still running Exchange 2007 because they either don’t have the expertise to upgrade their exchange environment or think it is too daunting of a task.   Once you leverage Office 365 those updates are a thing of the past.

4. Security

We talked about data loss already but what about security?  With everything going on around security lately you need to be diligent to keep up with all of the threats you may encounter.  In order to deal with the ever changing security landscape you will more than likely need to hire more security experts and solutions to combat.  This changes when you are using Office 365 as they already have a great deal of security around you and your data. Millions of people everyday use Office 365 as their critical application for email, communication and collaboration. Microsoft is committed to a secure and reliable service making it a leader in cloud services.

5. Five 9’s

In other words 99.999% uptime,  would require quite a bit of money and technical expertise to keep your on premise exchange server’s availability as high as Office 365.   This is money and time you can dedicate to other line of business projects.

These are just 5 of many advantages of moving your mail into Office 365.  One of the biggest headaches is the migration from on premise to office 365.  Let us Evolve your email strategy with an easy and painless migration of Office 365.