Who We Are?

Evolve Technology is an IT Services company with a focus on Cloud, Solution as a Service, End User Computing, and Security.  With more than 20 + years of experience in IT, Evolve has come to understand that it is all about the End User Experience.  Whether your end user is a customer, a client, or even your staff, Evolve ensures the highest user experience with any solution / service we provide.

How we do it?

Evolve uses the tried and true method of ABC’s if you will.  This methodology has been tested by the founders of Evolve in countless engagements with countless clients.

A = Assess

The building block on any IT department or solution is data.  If you don’t have the proper data or know how to interpret that data then your project will fail.   Another very important piece is listening to the customer.  We make sure that Evolve understands the customers and their needs.  Evolve will then and only then be able to create a customer solution for the customer.

B = Build

We take our many years of industry experience to build out a very high standard, best of breed solution.  Any company can install a solution but we go the extra mile to ensure that high level of end user experience.  We understand where the solution pitfalls are and make sure you know how to avoid them.

C = Control

Visibility and Monitoring are the name of the game.  If you don’t have a solid alerting and monitoring solution, don’t worry most customers don’t, we can help you create one that works for what information you are looking to obtain.  Most monitoring systems don’t succeed  because you are inundated with alerts.  We cut down the chatter to give you exactly what you need.

Evolve is the best in business at End User Experience. Using Evolve ensure that your customers and end users will adopt the solutions.  Don’t cut corners, let us help you Evolve your IT.

If the solution is not something we would put in our own environment, it will not go in yours.